The nginx ingress for Kubernetes has a built-in module that provides a web application firewall (WAF). Below is a bit of a cheat sheet that explains how options behave and common solutions to odd problems. There are several gotchas that can result in legitimate traffic being denied.

The following are…

Sometimes you have a tricky situation where you can deploy a Django application but have little control over the front end web server or load balancer terminating your SSL. The code snippet below is an easy way to issue a 301 redirect for any http request. It will also remove the www prefix.

Replace YOUR_DJANGO_SETTINGS.settings with your settings.

A secure Kubernetes deployment benefits from Kubernetes specific security tools. One high quality open source tool is Falco. Falco is an intrusion detection system that reports suspicious Kubernetes events that a security admin might want to know about. This is an IDS, so it can be chatty. I found that…

Deploying Kubernetes on premises can be challenging enough.

You’ll quickly find out things you’d expect to work, simply don’t. That’s because cloud providers do lots of things for you (which is good).

I am currently storing docker images on ECR (AWS elastic container registry). It’s easy to use some simple…

Original post: Fido U2F

I ended up switching to a Yubikey after all. Feitian keys are a nice cheaper option but there were just too many important websites that wouldn’t support them. That said, there have been some interesting developments with FIDO. Android phones now have built-in security keys that…

My wife recently came across the Scribbing Speech experiment and wondered if we could do something similar. The experiment appears to do exactly what she wants, but I could not find a working version online; which is unfortunate, because it appears very well done. So I set out to create something similar but simplistic in design.

Below is my first attempt to draw simple objects using the QuickDraw library, with Google natural speech for input.

Small demo of it working, sort of

My python script is available on Github: QuickDraw with Speech.

This was put together really quick and could be improved quite a bit. Feel free to contribute or make suggestions.

Why switch to Chrome OS
My main home computer for the past 10 years has been a Ubuntu Linux machine. It served me well but was always lacking good Google service integration. This led me to eventually switch back to Windows, Windows 10 Pro specifically.

My main personal laptop eventually…

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